Adrienne Bailon's Husband Comes To Her Defense - Again

Adrienne Bailon's Husband Comes To Her Defense - Again
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During several appearances on The Real, Adrienne Bailon has been quite candid regarding her struggles with fertility. Recently, the star spoke out about the challenges she has faced and unfortunately, Bailon received considerable hate online but her husband, Israel Houghton, did his best to shut it down.

The TV host remarked that she and her man were doing everything in their power to conceive, but couldn't make it work due to stress and other work-related complications. More importantly, the fact she had scheduled a time to get pregnant was not helping.

Adrienne said on the show, "that's not the way it works and it didn't work out that way." You can check out the Twitter post below to see her explain the situation herself:

One person commented on The Real' s Instagram Page and accused Bailon of merely doing it all for attention. Her husband wrote back with the comment that he/she doesn't even know Adrienne, and one shouldn't make such assumptions.

You can see his post here:

Not a lot of people, men especially, are aware of the fact that women find it difficult to conceive later in life. At the beginning of a woman's adult years, it's a lot easier to get pregnant, but as the years go by, it grows more and more challenging.

A lot of female empowerment advocates have suggested that women should wait to have kids, however, it's not quite that simple, due to the fact that women's chances of conception decrease gradually as they age.

Thankfully, though, technology has come a long way, so women such as Kim Kardashian, for example, have access to modern forms of child-rearing like surrogacies.

Interestingly, writers such as Aldous Huxley, who penned the classic novel, Brave New World , wrote of an environment in which women don't actually give birth anymore, and instead, have children through embryonic test tubes. Putting the science fiction aside, we're glad to see that Israel came to defend his wife.

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  • Alexander Myers
    Alexander Myers Feb 4, 2019 4:44 AM PST

    God don't like ugly, This a false marriage anyway. Biblically speaking, one is committing adultery and the other is in fornication. Nothing good can become of this marriage. Surely not a children. Israel needs to go back to his first wife or be separate. Divorce is against God's law. When people realizes this and know only God's mercy is keeping you here. Don't expect more, anything good. The Scriptures tell you in Malachai about putting away a wife. God's hates putting away (divorce). Many are living in what they think is happiness with their other persons. Men make laws to contradict what God has already said and He hasn't changed his Words. You can't seek to change a truth into a lie. Seek no other way to have a child either. It's still against nature to do so. Pray for guidance from God to be right with His law and not man. God bless.

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