Adrienne Bailon Flaunts Amazing Beach Body In Hawaii -- 'The Real' Co-Host Shares Fun Photos And Wisdom

Adrienne Bailon Flaunts Amazing Beach Body In Hawaii -- 'The Real' Co-Host Shares Fun Photos And Wisdom

Adrienne Bailon left Hawaii earlier this week after spending some lovely moments there. The television personality is getting ready to head back to her popular daytime talk show, The Real .

The All You've Got actress did not keep her fans in the dark during the trip -- she posted countless photos on social media. The pictures made one thing clear, Bailon is on top of her game when it comes to her beach body.

The singer and dancer dazzled in a series of colorful swimwear while enjoying the pleasant environment. At 33, the wife of Christian music singer Israel Houghton looks as fit as ever.

The petite diva is showing the world how it is done, (a great body and marriage and successful career). Her supporters love being on this journey with her.

Bailon and her hubby were not alone on this fantasy-like getaway; a few good friends also accompanied them. The New York City native captioned one of the images she shared online: "Our husbands were taking a nap, so naturally, we did a photoshoot. the end. on to the next bathing suit…"

The former 3LW singer decided to get in shape last year after her engagement. She ended up losing 22 pounds for the November wedding in Paris.

Mr. Houghton also lost 25 pounds before the big day. Bailon was delighted and proud of the results.

In an interview with PEOPLE , she stated: "I love the way my clothes are fitting so much that I don’t want to stop. I want this to become a lifestyle. I’m enjoying working out. I enjoy the way it makes me feel."

The talk show host has found love, and she is very happy about it.

Here is what she wrote on social media before the wedding: "It is November 11th. The Day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! Very very glad.#HappilyEverHoughton. H ♥ at some point you will realize that there is only one person whose name alone can make your day better. only one person you look for when you enter a room. one person that makes you the best you. and when you realize that, your life will never ever be the same."

That was a very sweet note.

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