Adrien Broner Shares Screenshotted Text Message Exchange In Which Celina Powell Tried To Sleep With Him

Adrien Broner Shares Screenshotted Text Message Exchange In Which Celina Powell Tried To Sleep With Him
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Adrien Broner isn't terribly interested in Celina Powell , a new report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed today. The boxer is currently fighting in a court of law against a woman who claimed he had assaulted her many years ago. Put simply, Broner likely doesn't need any more problems.

Hot New Hip Hop says the professional boxer is fighting the $800,000 judgment which was awarded to the woman in the case. Amid his trial, Broner said to the judge that he only had $13 to his name.

He has managed to stay financially afloat mostly as a consequence of his "rich friends," the boxer is claimed to have said. Regarding his squabble with Powell, on his Instagram, Broner shared a picture of a conversation he was having with Celina, in which the celebrity socialite appeared to offer her number to him.

Reportedly, Powell messaged Broner with her number and then later wrote, "f*ck me now." Broner goes on to write, "no, stop writing to me, please I have a wife." Of course, Broner never shared the other part of the conversation, so it's unclear if there was more to the tale.

In the caption of the boxer's Instagram post, he went on to tell his side of the story. The boxer wrote, "look y'all, not all p*ssy is good p*ssy, have a blessed day!" Broner went on to say that he blocked her number and then urged people not to "put a case" on him because he only had $13 left to his name.

Adrien Broner isn't the type of athlete who is regularly in the headlines, although, he has found himself the subject of a number of entertainment news articles lately. For instance, Adrien recently came out to put his friends on blast for not appearing on his first rap album like they had told him.

Broner called out Meek Mill, for example, accusing Meek of prohibiting him from using one of the rapper's bars on the album, because he didn't like how it turned out.


Thus far, it's not clear why Meek and his record label haven't allowed Broner to release the song featuring him, but fans have speculated that it's because the boxer's project isn't great, and Meek Mill doesn't want his name associated with it.

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