Adrien Broner Asks Fans For Money So He Doesn't Have To Start An OnlyFans

Adrien Broner Asks Fans For Money So He Doesn't Have To Start An OnlyFans
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2020 was an interesting year for many reasons, with the explosion in popularity of OnlyFans being one of them. Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from Adrien Broner today in which the boxer revealed he was going to ask for donations on his account.

With large amounts of people stuck behind closed doors in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, OnlyFans became a huge sensation with many celebrities and performers taking to the platform to supplement their lost income.

Followers of the sports media that Adrien Broner has been in the headlines for his purported financial situation, which he doesn't appear to be ashamed of. Reportedly, Adrien owes $800,000 from a 2018 court case and he has taken to social sharing platforms to ask for money.

Additionally, the outlet says a judge condemned Broner for flashing his money on his Instagram page. Reportedly, Broner said it wasn't even his money and it actually belonged to his friend.

Fast-forward to today, and Broner is launching his OnlyFans page in which he has been asking for money to help pay off his debt. The boxer wrote on his account, "how do I make a #OnlyFans?" He went on to say he had "so many videos" that people would pay to see.

Broner went on to say he only had $13 to his name, and he owes nearly $1 million. The boxer told his fans and followers, many of which who had put him on blast for saying he only had $13, to send him $13 via his CashApp that way he didn't have to make an OnlyFans.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Broner did manage to make a bit of money from his fans. Adrien later said he only had to pay off another $799,029 before he could settle his debt.


Many other social media users argued that perhaps he should just engage in another high-paying fight, rather than ask his fans for money. The boxer was in the headlines again earlier this year when he said that Meek Mill's record label had barred him from releasing his first rap album.

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