Adele’s Trainer Says Her Divorce Pushed Her To Lose Weight!

Adele’s Trainer Says Her Divorce Pushed Her To Lose Weight!
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Adele has lost a lot of weight and while she’s worked hard to transform her body so much, even her personal trainer credits the weight loss to her separation from husband Simon Konecki. It sounds like it might've been a case of ‘revenge body!’

It’s a well known fact that the singer is generally really private when it comes to her personal life.

However, a weight loss like hers is something that cannot be hidden when you’re a public person and it’s also bound to make headlines and start rumors.

It all started with pics of the star celebrating the new year in Anguilla and fans were surprised to realize she looked like a completely different person!

Now, Adele’s former personal trainer Camila Goodis, who helped her after the birth of son Angelo, 7, tells HollywoodLife that she thinks the celeb’s divorce from Simon Konecki is what really pushed her to get her dream body.

‘She’s a happy person for sure. She got divorced and I think that is a great motivation to feel good, better about yourself. I'm divorced myself, and I remember after my divorce I said, ‘You know what? I am going to look at the best version of myself, not for him or for anyone else. For myself, me. And I think that is what she did,’ the trainer told the news outlet.

She went on to argue that: ‘Sometimes the best thing in terms of something very positive in your life…I think maybe it was a really positive thing to happen in her life, this divorce. Because it made her look fantastic.’

Indeed, in a tweet from back in May, Adele seemed to suggest she was happier after her separation as well.

‘When you catch yourself in your feelings then you remember who you are,’ she wrote at the time alongside two side by side pics.

In the first she looked like she was on the verge of tears while the second showed a powerful and confident Adele.

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