Adele's ex-husband Rich Paul supported the singer during her triumphant return to the stage

Adele's ex-husband Rich Paul supported the singer during her triumphant return to the stage
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The news that Adele took the stage for the first time in five years delighted not only the fans of the star but also her inner circle. Family members, friends, and even her ex-husband came to support the singer.

This became known after the paparazzi "caught" businessman Simon Konecki in the VIP zone of Hyde Park along with 9-year-old son Angelo and the current celebrity chosen one, Rich Paul , during a grandiose performance by the paparazzi performer.

Previously, fans suggested that after the scandalous divorce, the ex-spouses are far from being in the warmest relationship.

We remind you that Adele had an extremely hard time parting with the father of her only child: the star suffered from prolonged depression, so she had to radically reconsider her views on health, start eating right, and play sports.

Some sources claimed that the entrepreneur cheated on the singer, but her official representatives did not comment on this information.

It also turned out that the performer paid Simon about $ 140 million, dividing the property acquired during the three years of marriage.

However, now that Adele can lean on the strong male shoulder of a multibillionaire, it no longer makes sense to worry about the past.

In a previous post, After Adele broke up with Simon Konecke, the star went in for sports and began to share food.

New habits affected not only the figure of the performer but also her psychological health: the depression that tormented the singer due to a break with her husband was left behind.

True, some pictures almost convinced the fans that the star began to gain weight again. We are talking about footage from the wedding of close friends Adele and her boyfriend, Rich Paul. Looking at the photo, it seems that the celebrity's face is quite rounded.


Many fans suggested that they were favorites and began to seize stress again, but the triumphant return to London disproved the conjectures of spiteful critics.

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