Adele Pokes Fun At Her Weight Loss Transformation On SNL

Adele Pokes Fun At Her Weight Loss Transformation On SNL
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During Adele 's opening monologue this weekend on Saturday Night Live, the 32-year-old songstress commented on her dramatic body transformation. Today reported that Adele was the host of the latest episode of NBC's SNL on the 24th of October, where she joked about a number of topics, including herself.

As most know, Adele posted a picture on her social media earlier this year which subsequently went viral. The 32-year-old mocked her own weight loss, which was the subject of media attention for a few weeks when it was first revealed.

The "Hello" singer said during her monologue that she looks "really different" from the last time, but she had to travel light and only bring half of her body on account of the coronavirus restrictions at the airport. "And this is the half that I chose," the singer joked.

Interestingly, many of the singer-songwriter's fans were disappointed with the fact Adele wasn't serving as the musical guest. The star commented on the "chatter," as she put it, and explained that her album hasn't been completed yet.

The star went on to say she was actually scared of being the host and the musical guest at the same time. And of course, Adele had to comment on the coronavirus restrictions and the medical personnel, thanking all of them for their hard work.

As it was previously reported, Adele was announced as the host earlier this week alongside HER as the musical guest. On her Instagram on the 18th of October, Sunday, Adele celebrated her first-ever hosting gig after many appearances on NBC's sketch-comedy program.

She added that she always wanted to be a host as well as a musical guest, and her dream came true. The time was never right for her to take on the job, Adele explained.


Fans of the songstress know she first appeared on SNL approximately twelve years ago and went on to appear on it again in 2012. The singer has been away from the spotlight following her split from Simon Konecki. Months later, she revealed her weight loss and Adele was the center of attention once again.

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