Adele Looks Stunning At Oscars After-Party Following Her Huge Weight Loss - Check Out The Pic!

Adele Looks Stunning At Oscars After-Party Following Her Huge Weight Loss - Check Out The Pic!
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The singer was in attendance at Jay Z and Beyonce’s Oscars after-party last night and she totally stole the show from everyone else even though the event was star-studded! Adele looked stunning in a dress that highlighted her new hourglass figure following her massive weight loss!

The songstress is happier and more confident in her skin than ever and that is very obvious from the way she poses and looks at the camera these days.

That being said, while at Beyonce and Jay Z’s Oscars after-party, Adele looked more stunning than ever!

In fact, it’s safe to say that she looked nearly unrecognizable because of all pounds she shed recently.

She simply dazzled all her fans in a leopard-print, sparkly dress and hoop earrings.

As you can imagine however, it was more than the glamorous outfit that impressed people – it was her new shape that caught everyone’s attention.

But while most would say the singer looks much healthier and happier, a partygoer who met Adele posted a pic on social media and, in a translated caption, mentioned how she looked as ‘thin as [if she were in] a coma.’

Furthermore, they also seemingly talked about shoes.

This comes only weeks after another fan revealed they had ran into the celeb while on vacation and had a chat during which Adele told them she’d lost no less than 100 pounds!

The fan named Lexi Larson shared with People that ‘She said she lost something like a hundred pounds, and that it is such a crazy positive experience. She seemed really happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed very confident.’

That is great to hear! After all, it looks like some people who are not yet used to the huge change see it as a bad thing but it really sounds like Adele is happy and the change was a healthy process.

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