Adele Is "Ready To Move On" To The Next Stage Of Her Life

Adele Is "Ready To Move On" To The Next Stage Of Her Life
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According to a report from, Adele is 31-years-old and she's ready to move on from her difficult year. On her birthday yesterday, Sunday, May 5th, the singer/songwriter wrote a sorrowful post following her divorce from husband, Simon Konecki, whom she split up with earlier this year.

In the post below, Adele described her experiences as a thirty-year-old, stating that the past year "tried (her) so hard," but she's ready to just go with it.  The star claims she's about to focus much of her energy on herself, her lifestyle, as well as her emotional well-being and general habits.

Adele said on her social media account that "31 is going to be a big ol' year," and she's looking forward to having a great 2019 in which she works primarily on her happiness. The performer also insinuated it was the first time in a while where felt like she could hold her head up high.

Adele urged her followers, as well, to drop their iPhones and instead, learn to enjoy the moment and laugh at every opportunity imaginable.

Moreover, she suggested she has new music coming out following her last three records, 25, 21 , and 19. The singer paid tribute to the most important stages of her life with the album titles.

As it was previously reported, back in April, Adele confirmed she and Simon Konecki had called off their marriage of two years. They have a 6-year-old son named Angelo. Her representative said to reporters that they were committed to raising their son amicably.

Adele released her last album, 25, back in November 2015 to massive commercial and critical success. When the album dropped, it earned several charting songs, many of which stayed on the airwaves for weeks at a time. Perhaps, the biggest song was the first single, "Hello."

The record had three more hit singles, including "Water Under The Bridge," "Send My Love," and "When We Were Young." Reportedly, Adele actually has a new record coming out at the end of this year, but the official date hasn't been confirmed by her team.

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