Adele Is Going Viral After New Photos Show Her Stunning Weight Loss — Grammy Winner Wears Etro Gown

Adele Is Going Viral After New Photos Show Her Stunning Weight Loss — Grammy Winner Wears Etro Gown
Credit: Source: Adele/Instagram

Adele attended her good friend Drake's birthday party and photos of her wearing an Etro velvet gown from the fall/winter 2019 ready-to-wear collection are going viral. First, Adele is simply gorgeous. Adele hashtagged Ginger McKenna in her Instagram post referring to the character that Sharon Stone played in the movie "Casino." McKenna was based on real-life Las Vegas showgirl and model Geraldine "Geri" McGee. There were strong similarities between Adele's finished look at Drake's birthday party and Sharon's portrayal of Ginger. Drake turned 33-years-old on October 24, 2019.

Adele shared the following caption on her official Instagram account where she has 31.9 million followers. Though Adele has always been gorgeous, fans are thrilled over her weight loss transformation. Some have suggested she is a size 12 or smaller based upon the fashions she is now wearing and reports by the Daily Mail suggest she has lost between 14 and 20 pounds from taking up pilates.

Body positivity is at an all-time high and women are beautiful at any size. Adele is beaming with happiness and as some women tend to gain weight after a divorce, it appears the reverse was true in Adele's case. Adele and Simon Konecki became estranged about five months ago and in September, Adele filed for divorce.

Adele and Simon share a six-year-old son named Angelo.

You may see a photo of Adele wearing Etro below.

In this video clip, you may see Sharon Stone as she played Ginger McKenna in Casino. Both Adele and Sharon Stone are wearing their long, blonde locks piled up in a super-high ponytail that's screaming seventies-chic.

Now, some are wondering if Adele's new figure and commitment to Pilates has changed her life so much that she's moving on from Simon and looking for something better.

Adele hasn't opened up about her relationship troubles with Simon, but it isn't uncommon for some marriages to develop issues after one of the partners changes their look drastically.

Weight loss can cause a person to suddenly get an increase in attention and sometimes that makes the other partner feel uncomfortable. At this point, it is unknown whether Adele's weight-loss and physical transformation contributed to her marriage's deterioration or not.

Here are several photos of Adele and Drake at his birthday party.

What do you think of Adele in her Etro gown?

Do you think Adele's transformation may have contributed to the marriage's breakdown?

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