Adele Fan Begs Her To Drop The Album Already And She Responds - Here's When New Music's Coming!

Adele Fan Begs Her To Drop The Album Already And She Responds - Here's When New Music's Coming!
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People just cannot wait to hear new music from Adele ! Fans have been paying attention to her activity online and some have concluded that the artist has actually been dropping subtle hints an album is on its way!

As you might know, the last time she released new music was in 2015 so it makes sense fans are starved for content from her!

That being said, when one follower begged for an update on her upcoming album, Adele did just that but the response might be a little disappointing to some.

It all started with Adele sharing a beautiful throwback pic of her performing which made fans think she might have been hinting about looking forward to getting back on stage.

One very excited fan commented: ‘Teaser? Albums coming out today???!!!! Tell me now!!!!’

However, it sounds like the talented singer just felt nostalgic and nothing more.

After all, she is in no hurry to drop anything as long as COVID-19 is still a problem.

‘Of course it’s not. Corona ain’t over. Wear a mask and be patient [heart emoji],’ she sweetly told the enthusiastic fan.

Previously, an insider shared via HollywoodLife that Adele’s upcoming album might just contain some songs referencing her separation from Simon Konecki.

That’s not to say that she’ll shade him or anything like that. After all, he is the other parent of her son!

The source told the news outlet that ‘She would never disrespect him or speak badly of Simon in a million years. Adele would never do anything like that out of respect for him as the father of her son. Adele’s fans are used to her singing heavy love ballads about past relationships. That is part of who she is and it’s what she is known for so of course she will address her marriage on her next album.’

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