Adam Perry Lang Arrested At Jimmy Kimmel's House Following Supposed Bomb Threat

Adam Perry Lang Arrested At Jimmy Kimmel's House Following Supposed Bomb Threat
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According to a report from Fox News, Adam Perry Lang, the celebrity chef, was arrested at Jimmy Kimmel's rental home for supposedly making violent threats, bomb threats among them. The outlet reported that Lang denies making any of them, however.

The police told the publication that on Monday, the officers responded to a call around 11:53 pm, Saturday, in which a man claimed to have planted two bombs around Kimmel's house in Hermosa Beach, California. He also claimed to have shot his girlfriend.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found an empty truck in the driveway and exercised extreme caution in dealing with the circumstances, because they didn't know what was true and what wasn't. The police then tried to speak with the person staying in the house, but couldn't find Mr. Lang, who was supposedly the one staying there.

After Lang picked up the telephone, he got off the property and the police officers arrested him without any problems. Authorities confirmed there was no evidence of any kind of bombs, weapons, or other harmful materials that could've caused major violence.

A representative for Mr. Kimmel said to the outlet, TMZ, that they believed the incident was a case of "swatting." Lang's attorney said he did absolutely nothing wrong. His attorney, Glen. T Jonas said to TMZ that the person on the phone was not Mr. Lang.

According to the chef's lawyer, Adam didn't call the police. He was actually in the house sleeping with his telephone turned off. When he finally woke up and discovered the severity of the situation, he let the police arrest him without any problems at all.

It was a serious situation for Lang and the authorities. In fact, they even called in the helicopters to circle the residence and had been trying to contact the chef for multiple hours.

Lang isn't the only person to find himself in trouble for something like this as of late. TJ Miller reportedly called in a bomb threat when he was drunk on a subway one evening.

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