Adam Levine's Dance Moves Trolled On Twitter, Called 'Too White' — Is It Reverse Racism?

Adam Levine's Dance Moves Trolled On Twitter, Called 'Too White' — Is It Reverse Racism?
Credit: Source: CBS

Adam Levine did not create the controversy many were worried he would, yet the Internet is still complaining. In fact, it's safe to describe what's happening to Adam Levine as being trolled for being too white. Performing during the Super Bowl half-time, Adam is getting slammed for multiple offenses he apparently committed when he danced alongside Travis Scott and Big Boi.  Is this an example of reverse racism?

Some are straight-up calling his show a  lack-luster performance that resulted in Levine taking off his shirt out of desperation while others are attacking his dance moves for being too white. Reverse racism occurs when the bigotry or racist comments or actions are targeted towards someone who is a member of the upper or ruling class.

The controversy is ironic as Adam Levine gained plenty of media attention this past week for performing in the Super Bowl instead of protesting. As Colin Kaepernick has been at the heart and center of an NFL protest, many celebrities came forward to state they were protesting the Super Bowl, yet Adam Levine chose to perform.

Now, much of Twitter is attacking Adam for being too white.

In fact, one of the most popular memes to surface after his performance was a Crest toothpaste ad. You may see that below as well as a video clip of  Adam Levine dancing next to Travis Scott.

Some of the comments are comparing Adam Levine to Napoleon Dynamite, white dads, and Steve Carell.

Is it possible that Adam Levine is being trolled due to the Colin Kaepernick controversy rather than his dance moves? Do you feel that calling a white person "too white" is an example or reverse racism?

The comments show just how racially triggered the country really is and how there will always be cultural divides between people, regardless of where they come from, what they achieve, or how famous they are.

It's possible that the trio of Big Boi, Travis Scott, and Adam Levine was an attempt at healing or avoiding racial tension but now it seems the reverse is true.

Some see nothing wrong with targeting Adam Levine for his race, while others think that targeting a person's race is always an example of prejudice whether the recipient is white, black, Asian, Native American or whatever the case may be.

What do you think? Is Twitter justified in calling out Adam Levine for being "too white?"


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  • Thankyou
    Thankyou Feb 4, 2019 5:19 AM PST

    There’s no such thing as reverse racism. There’s just racism. Racism doesn’t mean prejudice against black people. It means prejudice against a race. He’s being called white, which is a way to say uncool and not rhythmic. He’s not being turned down for a job or not being given equal opportunity or pay so you can calm down.

  • Vicky L Kerr
    Vicky L Kerr Feb 3, 2019 8:59 PM PST

    It's very disappointing to see that there's bullying no matter what you do in this world! How can "Our Children" who will be our future find peace if we can't behave like adults and teach them to Love the neighbor, respect one another, and spread peace and happiness!!!

  • Marilyn Kennedy
    Marilyn Kennedy Feb 3, 2019 7:55 PM PST

    People just need an excuse to show bigotry. Or a reason to so called protest. Doesn't look like anybody would have been treated fairly for performing at 1/2 time.

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