Adam Levine Takes His Shirt Off At Super Bowl Half-Time Show And The Internet Goes Crazy — More Like A Chippendales Act

Adam Levine Takes His Shirt Off At Super Bowl Half-Time Show And The Internet Goes Crazy — More Like A Chippendales Act
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For those worried that Adam Levine was going to stir controversy during his Super Bowl half-time show, you can relax now. There was a bit of controversy but it had nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee, or making political statements. There were many people who hoped Adam would use the half-time show as a platform, instead, it was more like a Chippendales' stage with Adam taking his shirt off. The Internet went crazy with mixed reactions. Some felt the move was cheap, others found it sexy, and some were still angry that Adam Levine performed instead of protesting in the first place.

Levine performed a series of Maroon 5 hits and then began taking off several layers of clothing. When he was finished, he revealed his latest tattoos and sleeves and then the comments began flooding social media networks.

Most popular were those who pointed out that Adam Levine as a male could choose to take his shirt off completely without backlash or FTC violations while Janet Jackson's career was severely derailed for her 2004, Super Bowl half-time show wardrobe malfunction. Times have changed, that's for sure, but many have expressed that what happened to Janet Jackson was wrong and viewed Adam Levine's disrobing on stage as evidence of a double standard.

Those who want to see the full half time show online will run into a bit of difficulty. CBS owns the rights and they diligently protect them. Videos of the performance will more than likely surface than disappear. If you missed the full performance and don't have it recorded, check on the official CBS YouTube and website for the full video.

You may see a clip of the performance below.

Not all of the comments regarding Levine's performance were complimentary. Some compared his shirt to their furniture (one woman commented that his shirt matched her sofa and a picture of a young boy holding a pillow with a matching print went viral).

Also, some took issue that Adam Levine's dance skills weren't up to par with where they should be.

With so many mixed responses and reactions to Adam Levine's half-time show, there really is no way to judge it on a whole. It was truly a performance that hit people differently.

What did you think of Adam Levine and the Super Bowl half-time show?

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