Adam Levine Gushes Over His Wife And Nervously Rambles About Performing At The Super Bowl - Did He Confirm?

Adam Levine Gushes Over His Wife And Nervously Rambles About Performing At The Super Bowl - Did He Confirm?
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These two are the ultimate #CoupleGoals! Even after 6 years of marriage and two kids together, Adam Levine is still super excited to gush about his life partner, Behati Prinsloo!

The singer was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and while there, he played coy about headlining the Super Bowl with Maroon 5 but was all for talking about his model wife, who has actually returned not too long ago to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway.

Ellen started by praising Behati for being a gorgeous woman and Victoria’s Secret model which made Adam very happy and proud, causing him to cheer enthusiastically while agreeing with the host.

The man went on to gush about the mother of his two daughters and her being part of this year’s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, saying: ‘She really worked so hard to get this deal and get it together to do this. And I am blown away by her. I mean, honestly, she blows me away at every turn. So she's incredible. I mean, I was there, and I was watching in awe, staring and drooling. Much more importantly, she's the best person ever. Ever!’ Aww….

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl 2019 is in less than three months, and as fans may know, back in September, E! News reported that Maroon 5 is set to headline its Halftime Show.

Performing at the huge sports event is known to be a great honor but the NFL and the band are yet to confirm the news.

That being said, when Ellen tried to get a definite answer from Adam, he replied: ‘What the hell are you talking about? It's a rumor. I can neither confirm nor can I deny the truth of this rumor. It is definitely a rumor, and the rumor's a rumor that everyone seems to be discussing. It is a great event and there is gonna be a band or an artist of some kind performing at halftime. Whoever's lucky enough to get the gig is probably gonna crush it...whoever does it is probably equal parts nervous and excited. This is all speculative because I do not know who I am talking about.’

He went on to ramble some more about how nervous and excited he would be if he were the one to perform at the Super Bowl, which, of course, he cannot confirm! Wink, wink!


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