Adam Levine Faces Social Media Backlash For Cornrow Faux-Hawk

Adam Levine Faces Social Media Backlash For Cornrow Faux-Hawk
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According to a report from the New York Post, some people online aren't happy with the new haircut Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 singer, adopted. Earlier this week, the 40-year-old showed off a daring hairstyle on his Instagram.

The 40-year-old showed off his new hairstyle on his Instagram, and fans of his, and detractors, weren't pleased with it on account of supposed "cultural appropriation."

One person who wasn't happy with it was the 47-year-old stylist, Bradley Irion, who has worked on big-named entertainers including Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Sara Michelle Gellar, as well as Laverne Cox. Irion claimed to reporters from the Post that it definitely wasn't his "best look."

The stylist added that he was hoping such a hair-style wouldn't catch on anytime soon. One person, in particular, Twitter, accused Adam of being a desperate old man, while others claimed he had a dying career. Others accused him of going through a mid-life crisis.

Another social media user joked they were also trying to make bangs work as an old person. An additional fan claimed that it was never ok for a "white dude" to wear dreadlocks. However, others came to the singer-songwriter's defense, asking sarcastically if he would be charged with "cultural appropriation."

This wouldn't be the first time a celebrity has been accused of stealing another culture's style. Previously, Ice-T's wife, Coco, was lambasted on her social media for adopting a corn-row style haircut as well. The rapper's spouse also used a new name to refer to the style, which angered many people on social media.

In defense of herself, Coco took to her social media to say the entire outrage was completely ridiculous because she had always chosen to name her different hairstyles. It wasn't "a race thing," Coco Austin added, explaining that it never should've been interpreted that way by people.

She went on to say that she titles all of her styles, including the Coco Swoop and the Bo Derek Braid.

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