Actress Who Plays Madisynn In She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Responds To Becoming So Famous And Loved In The MCU

Actress Who Plays Madisynn In She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Responds To Becoming So Famous And Loved In The MCU

Marvel's She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is introducing many great new characters but one of the most lovable characters that the show has produced is a girl named Madisynn, played by actress Patty Guggenheim. Madisynn's identifying factor is the way she introduces herself by telling people that her name has "2 ns and 1 y but its not where you think it is!"

Madisynn first appeared in the 4th episode of the show where She-Hulk helps Wong sue a man named Donny Blaze, who is a failed Kamar Taj student and now uses Kamar Taj magic to send people to other dimensions with demons. Madisynn is one of the people she sends to the demon dimension from where she is then portal-ed into Wong's house and the two end up forming a relationship based on their love for binging TV shows (which Madisynn constantly spoils for Wong).

Madisynn's laid back party girl vibe despite being in lethal situations, her unlikely relationship with Wong and her inappropriate yet hilarious demeanors make her an incredibly lovable character and fans were immediately invested in her and especially her and Wong's relationship. And fans now days have only one way to express their emotions, whether good or bad: memes. Madisynn quickly became the subject of so many memes all over the internet that it was a take over.

The actress who plays Madisynn, Patty Guggenheim, recently commented on the way her character blew up while speaking to and she seemed pretty happy with how things have progressed. Her exact quote was as follows:

"I don't think I’ve fully processed what that means. It feels fun to know that something I did resonates with people on a few different levels. First of all, people are excited about life in general right now, people wanna just be present. I feel like people see themselves in her because she falls into this world, and then she's hanging out with the Sorcerer Supreme. It's been really fun to hear people's excitement about her and the memes are hilarious."

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