Actress Florence Pugh Discusses Her Time On The Set Of "Don't Worry, Darling

Actress Florence Pugh Discusses Her Time On The Set Of "Don't Worry, Darling
Credit: PEOPLE

Pugh, 26 years old, commemorated the occasion by publishing a reflective post on social media that included photographs taken on the film set.

Her behind-the-scenes photos featured a photo of someone moving a classic automobile in an empty location, a picture of cinematographer Matthew Libatique riding on set in a trolley, an image of costar Kate Berlant striking a pose, and a funny photo of her sticking out her tongue while rocking hair rollers.

Pugh also attached a photograph of herself dancing with Olivia Wilde, the director, and her costar, while they were in character. Her tweet comes at a time when rumors are circulating that there was a lot of conflict on set, particularly between the actress and her director. Pugh, despite this, wrote about how grateful she was for the people she worked with.

It has arrived, and all eyes are now trained on it. @dontworrydarling is now playing in theatres! Pugh wrote about the movie's premiere in the theatre. While working hard in the desert's dust, we met many talented people, traveled to some insane locales, and looked good doing it all.

She then proceeded to show her appreciation for the cast's glam squad by saying, "Thanks to @hebathormakeup and and @ariannephillips."

Pugh continues by saying, Thank you to everyone who has already seen it and those who have already purchased tickets. Whenever I witness massive amazing movie sequences on large screens, I always remember that there is a boom only inches from the frame I'm watching.

Pugh also suggested leaving imprints on the floor directly below the performers' waists. It's crazy to think that each setup and act takes a considerable amount of a day to perform, and there was a lot to execute for this particular scene! There will be explosions, automobile chases, cocktail balancing, undersea scenes, rushing, drinking, and even more running.


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