Actress Faye Dunaway Fired From Tea At Five Over Troublesome Behavior

Actress Faye Dunaway Fired From Tea At Five Over Troublesome Behavior
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Faye Dunaway just lost her job. In a statement to the outlet, representatives for Tea At Five confirmed that the 78-year-old was fired. The production was actually a one-woman play and Faye was slated to portray Katherine Hepburn.

The statement claimed that they were "terminating" their relationship with the legendary actress. Representatives for the production stated that the show wasn't canceled as a result of Faye's firing. Reportedly, Faye was creating a very toxic environment on set.

Sources who spoke with the outlet stated that Faye had thrown things at other crew members and even slapped another person. The actress was in the middle of hair and makeup when she allegedly smacked one of the crew members.

Sources who spoke with reporters from The Post claimed Faye seemed very committed to the job at first and was also fun to work with, however, she was always late and didn't want anyone to look at her while she was performing.

Furthermore, Dunaway was unable to learn her lines so the lines were fed to her through an ear-piece while at the Boston performance. Fans of the actress know she has been in some of the most iconic movies of all time, including The Three Musketeers, Three Days Of The Condor, Eyes Of Laura Mars , and The Towering Inferno.

According to the star's Wikipedia Page, she is very protective of her private life and seldom gives interviews. Previously, Dunaway was regarded as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of the era, commonly called New Hollywood. Faye, apparently, sometimes was a problem to work with on set on account of her meticulousness and demand for the best.

Interestingly, she was in a relationship with Lenny Bruce for approximately one year in 1962. Lenny is widely hailed as one of the most influential comedians of all time, as well as providing a crucial turning point for stand-up comedy as an art form.

Moreover, he famously was hit with obscenity charges and his court case served as an important milestone in the battle for free speech.

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