Activist David Hogg Raises Awareness For Veterans In Crisis On Memorial Day

Activist David Hogg Raises Awareness For Veterans In Crisis On Memorial Day
Source: David Hogg/Twitter

Gun control activist and Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg used his public platform on Memorial Day to draw awareness to veterans in crisis. The 18-year-old shared statistics about veterans and suicide and asked for some of his friends not to just like or retweet the status, but copy and paste it in hopes of spreading it to more people. Memorial Day is the time the nation remembers those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and Hogg reminded his followers that 22 veterans commit suicide per day.

Because 22 veterans commit suicide, Hogg asked for 22 people to copy and share the status. He included the number for the Veterans Crisis Line that includes a suicide prevention hotline that is accessible 24/7 via phone, text, and chat.

Veterans who use the suicide prevention hotline are assured their conversation will be confidential. The hotline is toll-free and is open to family members and friends of veterans in crisis as well.

Because veterans who return home from combat may try their best to hide signs of depression that may lead to suicide, it is imperative that people are aware of the dangers veterans face.

Those close to veterans should recognize and understand red flags or warning signs that may indicate someone is at risk of suicide.

Withdrawing from activities that were once a source of happiness, or just seeming sad and depressed are likely indicators that something is wrong. Those who are concerned about a loved one's behavior can call the hotline or contact the Veterans' Administration to find available resources.

If a returning veteran is showing signs of depression, extreme loneliness or sorrow, withdrawing from friends and family members or seeming overwhelmingly hopeless and in despair seek assistance. He or she may not be able to ask for the help they need.

While many people will recognize signs of depression, it's also important to be alert for signs of aggression or violent behaviors.

Veterans who are struggling with or facing issues of rage or uncontrolled anger must understand that they are dealing with the aftermath of war and there is hope and help available.

David Hogg's tweet has gone viral and others have copied and tweeted the status as he asked.

Are you going to repost David Hogg's tweet this Memorial Day?

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