'Ace Ventura,' 'Young Guns,' And 'Major League' Franchises All Set To Be Rebooted

'Ace Ventura,' 'Young Guns,' And 'Major League' Franchises All Set To Be Rebooted
Morgan Creek Entertainment Group

You know what they say: everything old is new again. That certainly seems to be the case in Hollywood right now, where studios are obsessed with rebooting and reviving popular movies and television series from decades ago. One major production company is now relaunching itself and planning to bank big on the properties in its library.

More than 30 years after it was founded, Morgan Creek Productions is changing its name to Morgan Creek Entertainment Group.

The company is mining its existing franchises as it makes a major push for new movies, television series, and even digital series.

Among the titles being explored are Ace Ventura, Major League, Nightbreed, Young Guns, Dead Ringers, Pacific Heights, and Diabolique.

Most of the existing franchises are now being explored for possible television reboots -- a trend the company started last season with The Exorcist .

Morgan Creek acquired the rights to The Exorcist several years ago and pushed it as their first venture into the film-to-TV reboot game.

The company is now in talks with an unnamed streaming service to produce a television reboot of Young Guns , featuring a new cast of young unknown actors.

Director David Cronenberg is said to be supportive of the idea of reimagining his film Dead Ringers as a television series, and Morgan Creek is currently seeking a showrunner.

In addition, writer/director Clive Barker is involved in a pitch to transform his 1990 film Nightbreed into a new television series.

When it comes to Ace Ventura , the company is looking toward relaunching the franchise as a major motion picture, possibly the first in a new series.

Jim Carrey would hopefully reprise his role as Ventura, but only to pass the baton to a new character, possibly Ventura's son or daughter. Ironically, Morgan Creek actually did produce a 2009 direct-to-video film called Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective that followed that exact plot, though without the involvement of Carrey.


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