According To Sinead O'Connor Prince Was Frequently Abusive And High - He "Used Hard Drugs Commonly"

According To Sinead O'Connor Prince Was Frequently Abusive And High - He "Used Hard Drugs Commonly"
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According to Sinead O'Connor, the legendary rock star, Prince, commonly used "dark drugs" and abused women. In an interview released from the Carver County Sheriff's Office in 2016, Sinead spoke very negatively of Prince and his behavior toward females while intoxicated.

O'Connor claimed that anybody who believes he didn't have a drug problem "for the entirety of his life" is vastly mistaken and willfully misguided.

The 51-year-old claimed the iconic singer used drugs commonly and she knew it because she frequently hung out with him. According to a report from The Blast, the interview took place on the 2nd of May, 2016, nearly two weeks after the legendary "Purple Rain" artist died.

Celebrity Insider reported yesterday that the singer had unknowingly taken Vicodin mixed with fentanyl, the opioid responsible for the crisis in North America at the moment.

The police, as well as the Attorney of Carver County, Mark Metz, confirmed no charges would be pressed on anyone because it couldn't be determined where he got them from.

As much as the public wants to point fingers and place blame, Mets explained that the law doesn't work that way, and no charges could be laid because of insufficient evidence.

As for his behavior, Sinead explained that Prince would take drugs in another room and return as someone else. His "eyeballs would disappear" and he'd act violent and aggressive toward people, particularly women.

O'Connor claimed women would be coming out in the future about Prince's behavior toward them. Moreover, Sinead stated he wasn't a "very nice man," and there was a reason people called him, "Prince." She explained that the iconic entertainer had once attempted to lock her in his house and "beat the sh*t out of me."

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