According To Homer Laffoon, Mom Anne Heche Left Behind Around $400,000 When She Passed Away

According To Homer Laffoon, Mom Anne Heche Left Behind Around $400,000 When She Passed Away
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According to recent reports, Anne Heche's eldest son has discussed the estimation of the worth of the late actress' inheritance that he has made.

According to court records obtained by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, Homer Laffoon asserts that Heche supposedly passed away with around $400,000 to her name at the time of her death.

It has been claimed that Laffoon stated in his filing that he has the sum of $400,000 as his best estimate for the value of all of [Heche's] personal belongings.

According to reports, he anticipates receiving the same amount annually through royalties and residuals. He asserts that the most likely worth of the annual income from all of the estate's property is roughly USD 400,000.

In addition, Laffoon, who is now 20 years old, allegedly disclosed that his mother did not own a home and resided in an apartment, claiming in the form that she had no interest in real property at the time of her passing away.

Laffoon also detailed the actress's purported assets to the court, which included a few small bank accounts, royalty payments and other income, a stake in an LLC tied to her podcast, and his mother's share of the earnings from the upcoming publication of her memoir, Call Me Anne.

Since Heche passed away on August 12 at age 53, Laffoon, whom Heche bore with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, has been fighting Heche's ex-boyfriend, James Tupper, for possession of the actress' estate. Laffoon is Heche's daughter from her marriage to Coleman Laffoon.

Homer started the process by submitting a petition to be appointed executor of the estate, in which he asserted that he was the person with the greatest priority of nomination and was fully permitted to be named administrator of the estate.

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