Abigail Spencer Raves About How Amazing Meghan Markle Really Is Amid Bullying Accusations!

Abigail Spencer Raves About How Amazing Meghan Markle Really Is Amid Bullying Accusations!
Credit: Source: eonline.com

Abigail Spencer is the latest person to defend Meghan Markle amid accusations that she bullied her royal aides while still at the palace! Check out the sweet things she had to say about the former Suits actress!

Yesterday, the actress took to her platform to give fans an insight into her relationship with Markle, revealing why they have such a strong friendship.

Of course, she used this opportunity to gush over Meghan, telling the world why she is actually someone beyond reproach!

She started by saying that she is 'not here to tell you her story,' however, she 'felt drawn—in all of this melee, with all of the untruths swirling around—to present something real. Some people are so bright and exude such deep purpose they change the molecules in the air just through their being. She was all this from the moment I met her 14 years ago. And remains so to this day. In the face of darkness, Meghan shows up in light and love. When they go low, she goes high. Again and again. She works tirelessly—often quietly—for the causes that she believes in.'

Abigail had only great things to say about her longtime friend, as you can see.

Furthermore, she had some praise for Prince Harry as well, saying that both Meghan and he write their own speeches for their engagements and that they offer a voice to all those who do 'not have a voice for themselves.'

The actress is usually 'extremely private' about the friendship she shares with Meghan Markle but she felt compelled to speak up since she feels like the accusations are obviously unfair.


Furthermore, she also mentioned that Meghan has been there for her when her dad passed away as well as after a bad breakup so she couldn't not have returned the favor!


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