Abigail Disney Is Bashed For Bad-Mouthing Kobe Bryant After His Death And Not Taking The Pain Of His Wife, Vanessa Bryant, And Their Children Into Account

Abigail Disney Is Bashed For Bad-Mouthing Kobe Bryant After His Death And Not Taking The Pain Of His Wife, Vanessa Bryant, And Their Children Into Account
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Fans of Kobe Bryant have no mercy on documentary filmmaker Abigail Disney who took to social media and shared a lengthy thread where she bashed and called him a rapist.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon and his teen daughter, Gianna, were among the nine people killed in a horrific helicopter crash on Sunday.

Disney decided to back Evan Rachel Wood, who made similar remarks about Kobe. While Wood has deleted the tweet after getting slammed, the Disney heiress has decided to go over the 2003 incident where a 19-year-old woman accused Kobe of sexually assaulting her in a Colorado hotel room.

Kobe apologized for the matter and stated that sex was consensual. Disney wrote almost 30 tweets bashing Kobe.

She said in one: "OK, time to bite the bullet and say something. Thread. If you don't like it, just stop following. First of all, yes, it IS my business because I'm a woman who has herself been assaulted and spent my life knowing, loving, and feeling for women for whom it's been so much worse. 1/"

She said in another: "But wow, something about Kobe. Those of us who pointed out the fact of Kobe's less pleasant past were not saying that what happened was not sad or tragic. It was deeply tragic. But here's the thing. Once you become a "refugee inside your own body," it becomes... 13/."

Fans are destroying Disney for her comments.

One supporter said: "Please respect the fact that his wife and children are in a period of mourning their losses. Please show compassion as that was their father and husband, and they are unfortunate. They do not need to read about hateful, hurtful things. Use your money and voice to spread love and hope to others! 🙏"

Another commenter stated: "This was definitely a bad business decision. We all know the case was dropped and never heard of again. It's no secret. He apologized and handled his business. Since then, he has been nothing but a great basketball player that retired and an even better entrepreneur and husband and father. Why, when he has just passed along with his daughter in a horrific accident, would you think that this is the appropriate time to bring up something as negative as that. All this did was show the type of person that you are and show how hateful and jealous of what he has become that you are. Regardless of who he was to YOU, Kobe is someone's son, brother, husband, and father. Your unsympathetic words in an attempt to dim his light are unappreciated, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Peace."

This fan of the NBA star stated: "Who tf are you to talk bad on a man's name after he passes? Keep that shit to yourself.and yet you talk about someone that has done so much for his community, for kids, and for the world. You sit on your ass and get that check every month, yet DO NOTHING to do your part to help the people that work for your name. Knowing that cast members are living in their cars, sometimes not having food to eat."

This sports observer revealed: "You are spoken like a true leach! You’ve done nothing except inheriting money that you did not earn. An entire city is deeply mourning the loss of 9 people, Kobe did a TON for young athletes. I hope your ignorant words hit Disney right in the bank account! I say protest with your wallet! Disney is involved in a lot of ventures, do some research, and stop supporting the hatred!"

This person stepped up for Kobe's wife and three daughters: "Let him Rest In Peace. Keep your option of him to yourself. He is not here to defend himself. I'm sure you did enough slandering of him when he was alive. His kids will see this. Let them grieve in peace. #mambaforever #mambamentality #mambacita"

Kobe was a controversial figure, fans say he was just human.

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  • August
    August Feb 4, 2020 3:31 PM PST

    August Rush It's sad to see clowns saying Kobe raped a girl he had consensual sex with. So my question is how did she get raped when she had sex with him left the room with no issue, had sex with a white dude right after that, had to write a letter to the court about lying about missing work the next day because of "car trouble" but overslept and would have been late to work, Kobe submitted a DNA test, didn't fight it, took a lie detector test (didn't fail), she also told the court in the same letter she lied about Kobe keeping her in her room against her will and said she was forced to wash her face, but that didn't happen either (completely made up). Before meeting Kobe in her life she had twice tried to commit suicide right before they met, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia ( yea I know big word look it up). The accuser also failed to get on American Idol right before ever meeting Kobe which played another role in her moral integrity trying to get famous. She files a civil suit on August 1, 2004, and yet refused to testify multiple times in court in the criminal case when the prosecution needed her to because this would have helped put her attacker in jail since she was "allegedly" raped! But no she never wanted to do that so September 1, 2004, they dismissed the case. But she accepts 2.5 million dollars in civil court in March 2005. Yea that's not crazy at all because if she would have taken that to trial she could have gotten way more than 2.5 million for this if it actually happens. Also, her former co-worker told investigators the night she got "attacked" she left work that day the same day she normally did and didn't look roughed up, devastated or anything of the nature. Last fun fact the only reason Kobe ever engaged in this act was the woman was kissing him, touching him like any other consensual situation adults have been in to determine it was okay to go forward in. Yea Kobe is guilty of cheating on his wife, but not in a million year that doesn't make him a rapist @SocialMediaclownswhohaven'treadthefacts its okay to do actual research before you make blanket statements on a matter clearly you know nothing about. The state of Colorado owed Kobe nothing and had no dog in the fight, they did their homework found out it wasn't an assault and they dropped the case like any other situation. If anything they would have wanted to lock him up to help the Denver nuggets but they actually did the right thing and let him go when it turned out it was a farce (lies), to begin with.

  • Maria
    Maria Feb 2, 2020 6:31 PM PST

    It’s a Shame That when a tragedy occurs some of us take that opportunity to rehash an incident years before, I am a supporter of women or men that have been abused, however, when both parties settle, this woman refused to testify, if something like that happened to me, I don’t care who it was, I would have testified. In the end, all she wanted was money and that is what she received, I’m sure more than she would have ever made in a life time. Now, Ms. Disney, as others have commented, you are a rich unattractive Heffer, That no one wants other than someone latching on to you because of your name. Since I was a little in the 60’s my family has supported The Disney Corporation. I am so glad my son is an adult and I no longer have to participate in anything Disney. It’s not because it’s Kobe Bryant, it’s because the case was settle and you bring this up and this wife and Mother will have to relive this, by your actions I am sure you are neither a Wife or Mother.... You are just a unhappy prejudice BCH..With all of your Millions, you Still can’t buy Happiness.......

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