ABC Boss Addresses Constance Wu Rage Tweets After ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Renewal - Is Actress Being Recast?

ABC Boss Addresses Constance Wu Rage Tweets After ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Renewal - Is Actress Being Recast?
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ABC bosses have addressed those rage Tweets from Constance Wu after the actress learned Fresh Off the Boa t was renewed for another season.

Karey Burke, president of entertainment at ABC, spoke out about the hot button topic on Tuesday as the network presented its fall 2019/20 schedule to advertisers., Burke also touched on whether or not ABC was thinking about recasting Wu after her controversial comments caused an uproar.

"There have been no thoughts of recasting Constance. We love what she does on the show, and we love the show," Burke said in response to rumors the character of Jessica Huang would look different come the sixth season.

Wu went on a Tweeting spree on Friday expressing her anger toward something. The reason fans believe she was pissed the ABC show was renewed is that her mad Tweets began shortly after the news FOTB was returning was announced.

The actress even went as far as to "dislike" the network's Instagram sharing the sitcom would be back. Oh, and when a fan remarked the comedy getting renewed was good news, Wu was quick to fire back "No it is not." Her social media rant went viral angering fans but apparently not the head of the network.

"I did know that she had another opportunity that, had Fresh Off the Boat not gone forward, she would have pursued. But we never really considered not bringing the show back. It's just too strong for us," Burke shared referencing part of Wu's apology or rather explanation for her rage.

On Saturday, fans learned Wu was presented with another work offer, should her ABC sitcom have been canceled. In her very lengthily social media statement, Wu admitted the renewal meant she had to forgo a project she was extremely passionate about and it upset her.

The 37-year-old explained she is grateful for the options available to her because of the show, as well as that she does love working on it. However, as an artist, she wants to be able to push herself artistically by challenging herself and embracing the unfamiliar.

"People assumed that that meant I don't love and enjoy FOTB . But I do love and enjoy it. I hope you believe me," Wu ended her clarifying message.

ABC is standing by Constance Wu, despite her rage Tweets regarding Fresh Off the Boat's renewal. The question is, will fans be so forgiving come the fall and will her remarks hurt the comedy during its upcoming season?


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