Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Paranoia Continues As The Sentencing Date Approaches!

Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Paranoia Continues As The Sentencing Date Approaches!

Abby Lee Miller has opened up even more about her fears when it comes to her upcoming prison sentence. It looks like she thinks talking about it will help her cope with the probability that she will spend 30 days behind bars.

“I think I’m afraid of the actual logistics,” the Dance Moms star admitted at the Los Angeles Star party last night.

“Where I’m going to be. What it’s going to be like and all that stuff.”

As you may already know, she recently also talked about being scared of things like getting physically abused or raped in prison.

The 50 years old Miller currently awaits her sentence that may condemn her to 30 days behind bars on bankruptcy fraud charges.

The court day is May 8 and in a shocking turn of events, a month before finding out her fate, the woman decided to quit Dance Moms.

But the decision may not have been influenced by her impending sentence but because she was sick of being treated badly by the show’s executives who refused to give her creative credit for all the routines she came up with.

In addition, Miller confirmed dance mom Sari Lopez’ claim that she is pitching for another project.

“The show kept me busy, so now that I’m not doing a television show, I now have time to work on other projects,” Miller stated, adding that: “I have a scripted show I’m pitching right now that I had pitched to Lifetime. I have two reality shows I’m pitching.”

According to Lopez, the spin-off is going to feature the mini team as Miller always had that idea in mind but the Dance Moms producers refused to let her put it into practice.

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  • Giselle
    Giselle Apr 8, 2017 11:44 AM PDT

    That mean no more dance mom it the best tv show

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