Abby Lee Miller Pitches ‘Dance Moms’ Spin-Off After Leaving The Popular Show!

Abby Lee Miller Pitches ‘Dance Moms’ Spin-Off After Leaving The Popular Show!

Although Abby Lee Miller has decided that it’s time to move on from Dance Moms after she was slammed by her ex-favorite student Maddie Ziegler, it turns out that Miller has other plans and they are pretty great!

Mini team dance mom Sari Lopez has revealed that Miller is trying to get a spin-off on another network!

“We met with Abby last night,” Areana’s mother revealed. “They’re pitching another show with the minis with another network.”

Lopez also added that the new show would only feature the mini team as the mothers from the junior team have always treated Miller “like trash.” Besides, she’s always wanted a show only with the minis, but the production team did not allow her to do it.

The Dance Moms star herself hinted another about a possible spin-off in a recent social media post.

“Lunch Meeting at The Beverly Hills Hotel! And I’m the first to arrive? That’s right eager to get started! #aldcminis #thebestisyettocome.”

As fans of the popular dance show already know , after seven seasons, Miller decided to quit because she did not have enough creative freedom and when she did she did not receive credit for it.

“For the past six years/seven seasons I have asked, begged and even demanded creative credit for all the ideas, award winning routines, themes and costuming – To no avail!”

The reality TV star wanted to assure the fans that she was not, in fact, feuding with the mothers and that she loved the kids very much but that she did have a problem with being disrespected by the producers “who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt!”

Would you watch a Dance Moms spin-off with Miller as the teacher?

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  • Pissed of mom
    Pissed of mom Apr 7, 2017 6:30 AM PDT

    I love abby. Not the Jr team..they are not why I watch. And those mothers r so 2 wild hyenas. I like brynns and her mom..I hate how all the moms treat new kids and moms like garbage. They seem to think its ok cause they r the OG's but its not. They make other kids feel terrible and pretty much do everything in their power to get them to quit. They r grown a** bullies. And Maddie thought she was all that when she got to work with sia..and had the nerve to stab abby in back..disgusting! All of them. I would never have stabbed abby in back. If they feel like she's mean then leave...but I can tell u a lot of coaches do that to prepare them for the real world. Kids need to b tougher . she also gave them love lets not forget that. I will watch abby new show not dance moms how dare they film Chloe sneaking in after abby..and all the kids begging her to come back and they all say yeah we will do it without abby. I puked in my mouth with the disrespect. Chloe left thought she was special found out her and her beak mom ain't crap missed the lime light and decided to crawl back when she knew abby was leaving. I hope the whole show crumbles or they find all new kids..cause all of them should learn a lesson

  • Mareé Grobler
    Mareé Grobler Apr 7, 2017 1:34 AM PDT

    As a South African I have watched the show religiously. I am a dramatic arts educator and I have also pushed and loved the children I have taught. Many of them have reached stardom in our country. I want to defend Abby by saying I believe 100% in her, I think she is an outstanding choreographer. Yes she has been hard on the children but that is what drives them to want to do better. I am not too surprised by Maddie as even though a brilliant dancer she is spoilt and at the age of 14 thinks she is the bee all and the end all. She must be very careful as the tallest trees usually fall the hardest. Pity her mother who seems to be a person who panders to her one daughter's whims and shows her open favouritism where her two daughters are concerned and criticises anybody who doesn't think Maddie us hot toddy should be taught a lesson or two. The other dance moms were pains in the butts. All the children are great dancers but that is all. I pray Abby won't go to prison. That as a first time offender she will be given a suspended sentence. I think she has already paid for her sins by all the back stabbing that has been going on. The show will be dead if Abby is not there to spearhead it. I really admire and respect this woman for all she has achieved.

  • Victoria Walmsley
    Victoria Walmsley Apr 6, 2017 4:27 PM PDT

    I absolutely love Dance Mom's and I love Abby I am shocked to see and read all these things that Maddie Zeigler is saying about her yes Maddie has talent I'll give her that but she wouldn't be where she is without Abby, she needs to step back and take a good look because Abby made her. I used to love watching Maddie dance but with the way she's done Abby was dirty and I have no respect for Maddie now or for her mother who kissed Abby's a** all the time for allowing Maddie to trash Abby like that, and yes I would watch a spinoff of Dance Mom's as long as Abby was the teacher. I'd like to watch the Jr. Elite Team dance too. Abby has lost so much that I pray to God that she comes out of this mess bigger and stronger than ever and she gets back on her feet and teaches again. Abby if read this I'm praying for you and if I were there I'd stand beside you and give you the strength and support you need. My grandson dances and he and I watched Dance Mom's together and we love you Abby stay strong

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