Abby Lee Miller Opens Up About Possibly Becoming Homeless Amid The COVID-19 Quarantine - 'It's Awful!'

Abby Lee Miller Opens Up About Possibly Becoming Homeless Amid The COVID-19 Quarantine - 'It's Awful!'
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Abby Lee Miller has been quarantined in a hotel amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic but now, she might be getting kicked out and that is really scary for her! The Dance Moms star explained everything during an interview for HollywoodLife, admitting that she was terrified of becoming ‘homeless’ in this uncertain and dangerous world.

After all, Abby nearly lost her life but after battling cancer, she is one of the many people at a higher risk than the average if she gets infected with the virus.

Abby is still waiting for her new apartment to be ready and has been living at a hotel but now something is going on and she doesn’t like that one bit!

‘I was living in a hotel and it closed down. So they sent me to another hotel, but gave me the wrong information. When my guys got there with all of my stuff, they said it was closed, [as well],’ the celeb shared with the news outlet.

Eventually, she managed to move to another hotel but the nightmare is not over as she might find herself on the streets once again really soon.

‘I came here and I am all good, I got a great room and have a huge terrace and it is wonderful. But now they are telling me that I have to move tomorrow because someone who often stays here's coming into this room. My apartment is brand new and it is not inspected. The city needs to come and inspect it and to sign off on the floor and the whole building. And they have not yet, so I can’t move in.’

The main point is that she has no idea what to do and is really scared about what will happen to her.

But at the end of the day, Abby is still just as strong and confident as ever!

Therefore, she reminded her fans that she’s already survived prison and cancer; she can get through this as well.

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