Abby Lee Miller Gets ‘No Visitors’ In Two Months In Prison

Abby Lee Miller Gets ‘No Visitors’ In Two Months In Prison

It is a well-known fact for the Dance Moms fans that Abby Lee Miller hasn’t been making any friends behind bars. But it is even more well known that the reality TV star was not the friendliest and most liked person on the outside either. That being said, are we even that surprised Miller didn’t get any visitors in jail?

Two months out of the one-year sentence have already passed, but we have learned that Abby feels like it’s been ages because she is so alone at the FCI Victorville prison in California.

Despite the fact that the 51-year-old chose the said jailhouse because it was close to her home, Miller had no visitors.

An insider at Victorville revealed that virtually every prisoner has loved ones visit them every weekend, but Miller doesn’t even get any phone calls except for her hair stylist.

The jail source added that it’s ‘very sad.’

In jail, the situation is just as bad as out.

‘No one likes her because she thinks that she’s better than everyone. She continues to sit in her cell, and when she’s able to, she loves to watch herself on TV. But her only real friends so far are her paid bodyguard and a few others that are willing to kiss her a**,’ the source claimed.

Do you believe Abby Lee Miller will come out of prison a changed woman?

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    SPARKLE Sep 25, 2017 6:59 PM PDT

    I wouldn't want to see any of my friends and family. I'm sure she has regrets. Abby got hit with the Martha Stewart effect. She'll bounce back indeed.

  • Karen Savoy
    Karen Savoy Sep 17, 2017 8:45 AM PDT

    I am sure abby does have friends.. maybe she hasn't sent them a visiting order for whatever reason...she may feel ashamed or something...

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