Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down In Tears After Dance Moms Confront Her!

Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down In Tears After Dance Moms Confront Her!

After being away from her Abby Lee Dance Studio for nearly three weeks, Lee Miller is feeling the retribution of several of her clients' parents. Instead of ranting and screaming at her customers, the reality star surprised the mothers of her students with an untypically emotional reaction.

Abby started crying as she claimed the biggest issue for her would be coming back after being gone for nearly a month.

She said, "I don't know if you would have been able to do this for Kendall without me," as the reality star referred to one of her clients.

Abby went on to say that she "built a building" and spent $298,000 on her customers' children, so they have a place to dance.

She added, "(she) spent a lot of money. You guys didn't." Miller concluded her heartfelt speech by saying she "regret(s) everything."

With that said, there are alternative versions of the narrative, especially when it comes to the reality series, Dance Moms.

Because Abby didn't make it to her own dance studio, the Dance Mom executives had to rush at the last minute to find a new coach.

Fortunately, Laurieann Gibson was able to step in and take Abby's role until she was inevitably kicked out by Miller herself.

Nia Frazier's mother, Holly, explained, "I think they learned a lot" about themselves during Abby's absence.

The mother stated that everyone did a lot of "soul-searching." Kendall Verte's mom, Jill, added, asking the question: Why is everything always about Miller? What about their children? The most interesting part of this whole drama was that it was filmed several weeks before she was sentenced to a year in prison for fraud.

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