Aaryn Smiley Details Her Terrifying Experience Being Shot To Her Dad Rickey Smiley In Interview

Aaryn Smiley Details Her Terrifying Experience Being Shot To Her Dad Rickey Smiley In Interview
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Fourth of July weekend was a violent two days for multiple cities. There were innocent victims caught in the crossfire of many of the shots fired across the nation.

Unfortunately, Rickey Smiley's daughter was one of them. Aaryn Smiley and her boyfriend were on their way to go get food when she was shot at a stoplight in Houston, Texas.

The 19-year-old was transported to the hospital where she had to have surgery. She showed her followers on Instagram the bloodstains in the car she was in.

The radio host told his listeners what happened the morning after and explained that she wasn't allowed to have visitors due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, the teen made it through the traumatic incident and hospital stay and talked about the experience in an interview with her father. She is grateful to God to still be alive.


Recalling the incident, Aaryn reveals that she had no idea she was hit: 'It was hot and it was quick. I looked down, and I was gushing blood. I didn't know I had been shot in my left leg only because it had went straight through and the bullet had only stayed in my right leg. I was trying to put as much pressure as I could. I blacked out for maybe five minutes. I remember seeing the blood and it all just went dark. And then I woke up on the table.'

Smiley went on to say: 'I think He definitely saved me from much worse. They were using hollow tip rifle made bullets. Those are the kind of bullets that are made to go through anything. That’s how they got through the metal of the car. The only bullet that would have hit me right in the head, was not a rifle or a tip bullet. Everyone keeps saying how are you so positive? I could literally be dead right now. If that one bullet had gone through, it would have made all the difference. I am so thankful. He was definitely there protecting me there that night.'

Hopefully, Aaryn is able to heal both physically and mentally from the shocking incident.

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