Aaron Rodgers And Olivia Munn Have Reportedly Split

Aaron Rodgers And Olivia Munn Have Reportedly Split
Source: nypost.com

Everyone’s favorite sports couple Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn have reportedly broken up after a 3-year relationship.

A source close to the former couple says that they amicably ended their relationship. The source added that they remain close friends and wish only good things for each other going forward.

Munn, 36, and Rodgers, 33, began dating back in 2014. The former couple’s split comes two months after the couple fueled engagement rumors when she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

Rodgers and Munn’s relationship was more or less always in the spotlight for the last three years. Throughout their romance, Munn publicly supported Rodgers' NFL career, often coming to home games. She even wrote a note to the Packers, telling them how proud of them she was after the Atlanta Falcons knocked them out of the NFC Championship.

However, it wasn’t all positive.

Sports fans took an interest in the couple partly because the media always had something bad to say about their romance.

Members of the media speculated that Rodger’s mediocre on-field performances were caused by Munn. They also said that the actress played a part in Rodger’s estrangement from his family.

Reports were flying around that Munn might have caused Aaron to stop talking to his dad and his younger brother Jordan, as he became estranged to them shortly after he started dating Munn.

It seems unlikely though, as both Rodgers and Munn have stated that she played no part in it. We think that attempts by Jordan Rodgers, Aaron’s brother, to piggy-back off Aaron’s fame seem like a much more plausible reason.

Anyways, we’ll miss seeing Rodgers on Munn’s Instagram and Munn at Rodger’s football games.


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