Aaron Paul Explains Why BoJack Horseman Will Be Canceled After The Sixth Season

Aaron Paul Explains Why BoJack Horseman Will Be Canceled After The Sixth Season
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According to a report from JustJared.com, It's rare that fans are told why particular series are canceled on Netflix, however, this wasn't the case for the popular show, BoJack Horseman , which is about to stream its sixth and final season.

Aaron Paul, the Breaking Bad alum who provides the voice of one of the primary characters, responded to a fan who was asking why the show was canceled. A fan took to Twitter to say that BoJack Horseman was the "only thing keeping me together," and Paul responded.

Mr. Paul said to the Twitter user that he and the rest of the cast and crew really enjoyed working on BoJack Horseman, but unfortunately, Netflix decided it was time to close up shop. Paul added that the streaming juggernauts gave them a "home" for six years, and there's nothing they can do about it.

According to Pop Culture.com, there are a number of variables at play for the cancelation of the Netflix series. For instance, Twitter users pointed out that the animation studio responsible for the show's creation had unionized earlier in the year.

Shadowmachine crafted a union contract with The Animated Guild in June claims a report from Cartoon Brew, and some fans are wholly convinced this is one of the primary reason for the series' cancellation.

The next season reportedly will revolve around BoJack's entrance into a rehabilitation facility while Princess Carolyn tries to balance her life as a single working mother.

Aaron Paul, who plays the fan-favorite, Todd, will return as his goofy self to face family drama. Pop Culture claims the fan reception to the news has been mixed. Some people believe Paul is chastising Netflix for their decision, while others have chosen to simply accept it's time to move on.

Furthermore, Aaron is reportedly getting ready to star in a new Netflix movie revolving around his previous character, Jesse Pinkman, from the aforementioned Breaking Bad, created by AMC. Breaking Bad is the show that brought Paul's career to where it is today.

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