Aaron Hernandez’s Supposed Prison Gay Lover Revealed!

Aaron Hernandez’s Supposed Prison Gay Lover Revealed!
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According to multiple new reports, Aaron Hernandez led a secret gay life before committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell last week.

Now, it has been speculated that the late 27-year-old romanced a 22-year-old armed robber by the name of Kyle Kennedy.

Sources have revealed that before he ended his own life, Hernandez gave the man a $50,000 as well as other items of value.

Reportedly, he also wrote one of the three suicide letters to his prison boyfriend. The first two were addressed to his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins, and their 4-year-old daughter Avielle.

Hernandez was behind bars at the Massachusetts’ Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center for about two years before he ended his own life, and now, his distraught prison mate is on suicide watch following the shocking passing of his alleged secret lover.

The young man is behind bars for the crime of robbing a gas station by wielding a butcher knife back in January 2015. Now, according to sources at the detention center, he is deeply affected by the death of Aaron and the guards are scared he will try to follow him to the grave soon.

Meanwhile, we tried to interview Kennedy’s family about the matter but they refused to comment on the alleged love affair between the two men.

“I have no idea who you’re talking about,” Kennedy’s dad simply said, shutting down any rumors about the prison relationship.

It is indeed a very complicated situation and our heart goes to Hernandez’s fiancée who stood by him for the past years as well as to his little girl who will never get to really know her father.

Whether or not he loved another while behind bars, it is yet to be officially confirmed.

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