Aaron Carter Visited By Police Three Times For "Gun And Safety Concerns"

Aaron Carter Visited By Police Three Times For "Gun And Safety Concerns"
Source: AOL.com

Aaron Carter is finding himself at the center of yet more problems. Not long after the brother of Backstreet Boy - Nick Carter - got into a car accident resulting in several injuries including a busted nose and a destroyed car, the 29-year-old reportedly received three different "welfare checks," from authorities.

"Welfare checks," referring to authorities and health professionals checking on the condition of an individual who may be in distress.

According to an "anonymous caller," Aaron tried to buy a weapon and was in the midst of making threats against family and friends.

In a document received by the publication, E! News, the authorities came to his door at 11:47 am on Tuesday.

However, when they arrived there, it appeared as if there was no one home.

After the police came and left, they returned around 2:12 PM due to the caller - who shall remain anonymous - claiming Aaron needed a mental evaluation.

Carter refused medical treatment and wanted to be left alone.

Authorities arrived again on 4:18 AM Wednesday after the singer allegedly threatened to harm his family and friends.

The report claims when they came to the house, someone "turned off a light" and rolled down the blinds so no one could see in.

As was previously reported by CI, Aaron Carter was involved in a car accident on Tuesday, September 5th.

Shortly after the crash, he opened up regarding his harrowing experience in the car wreck which almost took his life.

In his post, he wrote despite his busted nose and other injuries, his fans should know he's doing all right.

The singer appears to have gained a new found appreciation for life as he claimed, "life is so precious." With that said, Carter was glad everyone survived. Aaron's representative reached out to several publications to confirm no one had been hurt.


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