Aaron Carter Slams Justin Bieber After Upsetting Comparison - I ‘Paved The Way’ For Him!

Aaron Carter Slams Justin Bieber After Upsetting Comparison - I ‘Paved The Way’ For Him!
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It sounds like Aaron Carter really expects some respect from Justin Bieber since whatever the Biebs did, he did it first! The singer pretty much set the stepping stones for today’s pop stars which is why he got a bit upset being seen as less successful than Justin.

Aaron was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, and he feels like he handed the baton to Justin who debuted in 2009.

The man made it very clear that he’d appreciate a shout-out and more respect when a fan wondered why Aaron ‘never reached the level of success’ Bieber did.

He replied in a tweet, saying: ‘I can’t sit here and just not say anything to that, I have been in this industry before he was born. I have had harder times and always bounce back. No, I am not Justin Bieber I am Aaron Carter.’

Carter also gave himself credit for making writing in the music industry an actual trend today.

‘I’m also in construction ? I paved the way. These kids have NEVER paid me homage,’ he went on to say.

This is not even the first time Aaron slams JB!

While on the Allegedly podcast last year, Carter made it very clear that he hopes Bieber, as well as his manager Scooter Braun, are really ‘enjoying [his] pavement.’

Aaron was still pretty upset since two years earlier, Justin’s music attorney was asked how he didn’t ‘turn into Aaron Carter’ during a Billboard interview. Who can blame him? That’s really disrespectful!

The attorney went on to talk about the very important five Fs – fans, formula, friends, faith, and family – stressing that in Justin's case, faith had really helped with some pretty dark times in his life and career.

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