Aaron Carter Slams Justin Bieber After His Mom Compares Them - 'He Copied Everything About Me!'

Aaron Carter Slams Justin Bieber After His Mom Compares Them - 'He Copied Everything About Me!'
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Aaron Carter dragged none other than Justin Bieber, claiming he totally copied him! In a preview of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, his mother, Jane Carter compared him with the singer and that is when the older star reacted.

It’s safe to say Aaron Carter is not a fan of being compared to Justin Bieber!

As you may know, Aaron started out as a child star, at the age of just 9 gaining a lot of fame already following the release of his first album.

While chatting about the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, Aaron complained he basically had to raise himself at that age since he was ‘doing tour after tour after tour.’

When she heard this, Jane proceeded to suggest it couldn’t have been as bad as, let’s say, Justin Bieber, which was obviously the worst thing she could have said in that situation.

‘I don’t think it was that much. You weren’t a Justin Bieber,’ she told her son.

‘Thank you, that means a lot. I’m no Justin Bieber, I’m a piece of sh*t,’ Aaron retaliated.

Jane tried to take it back, assuring Aaron that she did not mean it that way.

But the singer went on to argue that he ‘paved the way’ for Justin, his mother agreeing.

‘He copied my hairstyle!’ he exclaimed, Jane agreeing once again and adding that he pretty much copied ‘everything’ about him.

Carter concluded: ‘Are you kidding? No, guess what? I am no Justin Bieber, I’m Aaron Carter.’

This is not even the first time he gets compared to Justin Bieber as someone once wondered why he never reached the same level of success as Justin.

Aaron argued that he went through harder times in addition to insisting once again that he paved the way for him.

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