Aaron Carter Gets Into Online Twitter Fight With Artist After Using His Picture Without Permission — Says He'll See Him in Court!

Aaron Carter Gets Into Online Twitter Fight With Artist After Using His Picture Without Permission — Says He'll See Him in Court!
Credit: Source: Aaron Carter/YouTube

Aaron Carter is having an online fight on Twitter with an artist named Jonas Jodicke, who accuses the singer and actor of using his artwork without his permission. It all started when Aaron shared a photo of a black and white lion meeting eye to eye and squaring off to promote the sale of his new tee-shirts. The white lion has a sun on his forehead and the black lion has a moon. The image gives the impression that you are looking at two opposites that are as different as night and day coming together to reach an agreement or to battle. It depends upon how you look at the image, but Aaron made it clear he viewed the image as coming to a peaceful resolution.

It's all a bit ironic since the artist tweeted to Aaron in regards to him using his artwork without his permission, and Aaron's contentious response.

You may see the original tweet that Aaron Carter sent and Jonas' response as well as the caption Aaron included with the photo below.

" two lions at war can reach an understanding. I have my lions den, you have yours. aaroncarter.com Hoodies are BACK UP!!! all un received orders contact Dawn in my contacts on my website. you can reach me directly too. xo"

The full back and forth is a bit messy and you'll get the best view of the entire thread on Twitter, but after Aaron read Jonas' response, he fired back with his own comment that left Jonas speechless and caused a fury of tweets to get fired off. Now fans are weighing in and people are taking sides.

Some are siding with Aaron while others are taking the side of Jonas Jodicke saying he should be compensated for his work.

Here is Aaron Carter's response to Jonas.

you should've taken it as a compliment dick a fan of MINE sent this to me. oh here they go again, the answer is No this image has been made public and im using it to promote my clothing line aaroncarter.com guess I'll see you in small claims court FVCKERY

You may also see a video response that Aaron Carter gave in the YouTube video below. At the timestamp 3:59:30, he discusses the case and seeing the artist in small claims court.

What do you think about the online Twitter drama between Aaron Carter and Jonas Jodicke?

Do you think Aaron was wrong to use Jonas' art without his permission? Did he have the right response?

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