Aaron Carter Accused Of Racism After He Imitated An Asian Accent And Posted It Online

Aaron Carter Accused Of Racism After He Imitated An Asian Accent And Posted It Online
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Aaron Carter has been accused of many things over the years, however, he found himself in trouble for a brand new reason earlier this week claims a new report from the New York Post's Page Six. Carter, the brother of the Back Street Boys member, Nick, imitated a Chinese accent while ordering takeout food and posted it on the internet.

The singer posted a video online of himself ordering food from a restaurant while using a thick faux-Chinese accent. In the background, friends of the star can be heard laughing as he goes through the order.

After he posted the clip on his social media accounts, followers and detractors of the singer immediately began telling him to take it down, writing a variety of angry comments, including several which accused him of being racist.

Whether Aaron's idea of humor counts as satire or not, there's no question the star has found himself in hot water on a number of occasions over the last few years, mostly related to habitual drug use.

Last month, Aaron posted a video of himself and his mother driving with several puppies, and in the video, his mother appears to swat away a puppy who tries to jump into the front seat. People online accused them of being abusive toward the dogs.

Aaron supposedly went back to visit with his mother who has repeatedly struggled with alcoholism over the years - the singer-songwriter has claimed.

When he went to see his mom, she immediately became worried about her son because he looked like he had lost serious weight in a short amount of time. Aaron was subsequently hospitalized for exhaustion.

Additionally, this came shortly after the increased problems between Aaron and his brother Nick. Nick and his wife were granted a restraining order against him after Aaron supposedly threatened both his brother, Nick's wife and their unborn child.

On social media at a later date, Nick urged for mental health advocacy in addition to gun control. Aaron has been in the news for purchasing weapons from a pawn shop.

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