A$AP Rocky's Manager Says He's Being Held In 'Inhumane' Prison

A$AP Rocky's Manager Says He's Being Held In 'Inhumane' Prison
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Reported first by Page Six, ASAP Rocky's manager recently came out to accuse the Swedish authorities of holding the rapper in "inhumane conditions," after it was reported he was involved in a brawl on the street. The rapper's manager came out with the news earlier today and is now petitioning for his release.

John Ehmann, who wrote a statement on Change.org, said Rocky was living in "horrific conditions," at the moment, and he demanded that he be released as soon as possible by the Swedish authorities. Moreover, Ehmann claims Rocky was being held in 24/7 solitary confinement; he's not allowed amenities, good food, and is also living in "unsanitary conditions."

This past Monday, the Swedish Supreme Court system denied the appeal for the rapper's release. This comes after it was reported ASAP Rocky was being held in a Swedish prison after an altercation in Stockholm which the rapper videotaped and put online.

The ex-boyfriend of Kendall Jenner took to his social media on the 2nd of July and claimed there was a group of "drug addicts," who weren't even his fans, that were hassling him and his crew. Moreover, the rapper claims they were grabbing women's behinds when they walked by.

Ehmann said Rocky and his team of people acted in "self-defense" after the men physically assaulted and harassed them. On the 3rd of July, Swedish officials said they detained Rocky and his friends because they didn't want them to flee back to America to avoid being punished for their supposed crimes.

Ehmann is trying to extend the start of the rapper's trial until the middle or possibly even the end of August, which means much of the rapper's performances in Europe will have to be postponed. On Friday, the rapper began his pre-trial two-week sentence.

It's unclear what will happen to ASAP Rocky, but the rapper released some of the footage of the incident on his social media, leading many of his fans to believe he is definitely innocent.

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