A$AP Rocky Lands In Los Angeles Following His Release From Swedish Jail - Rapper Is Awaiting Verdict

A$AP Rocky Lands In Los Angeles Following His Release From Swedish Jail - Rapper Is Awaiting Verdict
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According to a report from ABC News, the rapper from A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky, was released from Swedish custody and took a plane back to Los Angeles while he awaits his trial for assault in the Scandinavian nation. The star went back to LA on his private jet this past Friday.

On the 14th of August, sentencing and a verdict will come out and the rapper and his plethora of fans are eagerly awaiting the highly controversial criminal case that even had the president of the United States, Donald Trump, discussing it on social media.

A$AP Rocky was held in a Swedish jail from the second of July, and when his release was finally announced, fans, friends, and family members of the "Praise The Lord" rapper rejoiced in finally getting A$AP back home.

Neé Rakim Mayers, the rapper's legal team said he doesn't have to return to the nation for the verdict. You can check out Donald Trump's tweet - for which he was inevitably castigated for - about the situation below:

According to Page Six, Mr. Rocky landed in the Los Angeles Airport shortly before midnight in the city, getting off the plane with a group of approximately half a dozen individuals. The star was given hugs by people as he came to his waiting vehicle.

As it was previously reported, A$AP Rocky, along with Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, was accused of assaulting the 19-year-old, Mustafa Jafari, during a June 30th brawl in Stockholm, Sweden, while A$AP and his friends were trying to get back to their hotel.

Mr. Trump addressed the highly controversial situation on his Twitter on a number of different occasions, even voicing his displeasure at the Prime Minister's inability to do anything about the legal proceedings, despite their very "pleasant" phone call.

A$AP stood before the court with his lawyer in Sweden and explained the dilemma in detail, describing their fear at the situation, as well as their multiple attempts at "de-escalating" the confrontation, to no avail.

The rapper explained his background with violence, including incidents in which people stabbed him, as a defense for his actions. Mr. Mayers, 30, said to the court that he and his friends were scared of what was happening on account of knowing nothing about Sweden and being clueless as to where they were at the time of the incident.

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