A$AP Rocky ‘Jealous’ Kendall Jenner Is Getting Close With Blake Griffin; Is Rocky Trying To Win Her Back?

A$AP Rocky ‘Jealous’ Kendall Jenner Is Getting Close With Blake Griffin; Is Rocky Trying To Win Her Back?
Source: etonline.com

How does A$AP Rocky feel now that Kendall Jenner is hanging out with Blake Griffin? A source has some fascinating details on the rapper's reaction to her new romance. Keep reading to find out the juicy info.

Kendall's blossoming relationship with NBA star Blake Griffin doesn't make everyone happy as it definitely affects Rocky.

He can't be too excited seeing the two of them going around town together.



According to a source, A$AP Rocky is feeling kind of jealous now that the reality star has moved on.

'A$AP is very aware of Kendall and Blake, and it honestly does make him a little jealous,' a source confessed.

'He has fun with Kendall but up until now had not been obsessed with her or anything. He liked seeing her when it was convenient for both of them but didn’t make her his top priority. It looks like it was his loss because Blake is putting in some serious work. He is into Kendall and making a big move. He wants to be the only guy in her life.'

It certainly seems like Blake is giving A$AP a run for his money!



The insider also added that even if the rapper is still friendly with Kendall, he was shocked when he discovered that she's into another guy because he wasn't expecting it.

'Seeing Kendall look so happy with Blake was a bit of a shock for A$AP. He’s not going to get in the way if that's what she wants. A$AP has girls throwing themselves at him all the time, so he will survive, but seeing her with Blake has made him wonder if he blew it.'

Well, stop wondering, Rocky, as it's pretty obvious what's going on! There's no point in going through the whole thing over and over again, so it would be best of Rocky just moved on with his life. Kendall sure looks like she did this.


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