A$AP Rocky Fan Threatens To Blow Up Swedish Embassy For The Rapper's Incarceration

A$AP Rocky Fan Threatens To Blow Up Swedish Embassy For The Rapper's Incarceration
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According to a report from BET.com, ever since A$AP Rocky was jailed in a Swedish facility, things have been tense. This past Thursday, the 30-year-old rapper was charged with assault, but before the Swedish pressed charges, a female fan of his threatened to blow up the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C.

NBC Washington reported that on the 23rd of July, a woman threatened to "blow this motherf*cker up." Obtained by the News4 I-Team, the affidavit identified Rebecca Kanter, who threatened to blow up the Embassy and also screamed obscenities at the staff as well as kicked over some of the furniture there. She was then arrested by Secret Service.

Afterward, the woman caused yet another problem at the House Of Sweden on K Street in Washington D.C. Secret Service officials issued a warning sign for Swedish Embassy officials, following an incident where she threw liquid from a glass Coke bottle at the entrance.

She came to the place the following day, bypassing security and screamed and cursed at them. "Call the police, I'm not leaving." On social media, the woman complained about how she wasn't getting any media attention. "Why aren't I getting press for A$AP?" the woman asked after saying she vandalized the IMF, The House Of Sweden, as well as The World Bank, which all received coverage.

Kanter was slapped with multiple charges, including refusing to depart a foreign embassy, damaging property of a foreign government, as well as injuring government property.

She was bailed out of jail on bond, however, a judge ordered the woman to stay away from the Swedish Embassy from now on.

As it was previously reported, this comes after A$AP Rocky was booked on the 30th of June for a street fight in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. The rapper claims he was acting in self-defense against men who followed him and his friends down the street.

The rapper and the other men involved in the case have been jailed since the 5th of July. On the 25th of July, A$AP Rocky was charged with assault. It's unclear for how long he'll stay in the nation, however, if he's convicted as guilty, he might have to serve time in a Swedish penitentiary.

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