A$AP Rocky Defends His Right To Love Getting A Manicure

A$AP Rocky Defends His Right To Love Getting A Manicure
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According to a report from BET.com, even men are using their nails as a way of expressing themselves. These days, rappers such as A$AP Rocky are heading to the nail salon to get manicures as an expression of their personality, which is historically a feminine activity, at least in the 20th century.

During an interview with reporters from Vogue, A$AP Rocky said to the outlet that he feels as though men should be able to engage in nail art "without feeling feminine." Fans of the rapper know him not only as an artist but also for modeling in campaigns for Prada as well as Calvin Klein.

In the middle of showing off his nails to Vogue reporters, A$AP Rocky claims he met a woman who drew Prada on his nails when he was shooting his Prada collaboration. "She did my nails for the photos," the rapper stated.

When probed on whether or not he believes that masculinity was diminished by focusing on beauty, he stated it wasn't the case for him at all. He "could have been a gangster," but he isn't, he's a pretty boy instead, the 30-year-old remarked.

It appears as though A$AP Rocky isn't holding back on his self-expression, even though he had a rough year in 2019. As it was previously reported, A$AP Rocky was in Sweden when he and his crew got into a street fight with men there.

After being held in a Swedish jail for approximately one month, A$AP Rocky was convicted guilty but was subsequently released from the jail. On his Instagram account back in August, the rapper stated he was "of course disappointed by today's verdict," but went on to thank all of the people who helped him get through it.

A$AP and his friends were let out of jail on the 2nd of August after serving approximately one month while awaiting the decision of the Swedish court system. The "Praise The Lord" rapper pleaded self-defense in the trial, claiming the other men were the perpetrators, and they were merely defending themselves.

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