A$AP Rocky Avoids Jail Time Following Guilty Conviction In Swedish Assault Case

A$AP Rocky Avoids Jail Time Following Guilty Conviction In Swedish Assault Case
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According to a report from Page Six, A$AP Rocky managed to avoid jail time following a Swedish prosecutor's statement in which it was revealed the rapper agreed to not appeal the court's decision to give him a suspended sentence.

A$AP Rocky, née Rakim Mayers, was in a Swedish jail for approximately one month following the 30th of June street fight in which he was accompanied by two of his friends. The three men were found guilty and were handed down a suspended sentence earlier in August, around two weeks after they were finally released.

Today, on Tuesday, the 27th of August, the Swedish prosecutor, Daniel Suneson, said that he believed the crime warranted a "higher penal value," however, he won't fight the sentence.

Suneson released the statement in which it said he accepted the District Court's evaluation of the evidence, stating that there wasn't enough to prove a broken or whole bottle was used in the assault. Rocky has to pay $1,300 to the 19-year-old, Mustafa Jafari, which was less than what he and his team were looking for.

The 30-year-old rapper said he and his friends acted in self-defense. As it was previously reported, A$AP Rocky and his friends were walking home to their hotel one evening after a show when, according to the "Praise The Lord" rapper, they were followed and accosted by a group of young men.

The incident became a point of international media attention on account of A$AP Rocky's celebrity status. Even the president of the United States, Donald Trump, took to his Twitter account to say he would contact the prime minister of Sweden to see if something could be done about it.

When it was revealed that the prime minister had no power or influence over the court proceedings, the president went on Twitter to voice his displeasure over how it was handled.

Coincidentally, this report comes after another rapper, Meek Mill, ended his 12-year-old narcotics and firearms case which saw him on probation for nearly his entire life. The Philadelphia artist, 32, pled guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge and the case officially came to a close.

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