A Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Collab Is Here: They Rap Together On The New Migos Single ‘Motor Sport’

A Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Collab Is Here: They Rap Together On The New Migos Single ‘Motor Sport’
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A Nicki Minaj and Cardi B collab is here! Both queens of rap are featured on Migos' new track called Motor Sport.



Two days after their fans started buzzing that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B would be featured on a new Migos song, the epic collaboration has finally arrived!

Migos dropped Motor Sport on October 27, and it features both Nicki and Cardi.

We are happy seeing them working together, rather than being competitive with one another.

They are definitely the two most significant names in hip-hop these days, and there have been longtime rumors of a feud between them, so the release of this song is definitely a great thing.

Last month, Cardi hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts for her hit Bodak Yellow.

After the news broke, Nicki took to Twitter to send her fellow rap queen a sweet message.

'Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement,' she wrote.

‘Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it.'

If you’re not familiar with the shaky history of Cardi and Nicki’s relationship, it all started back in March, when Nicki liked a comment dissing one of Cardi’s freestyles.

Then, on the track No Flag, Nicki rapped, 'I heard these labels are trying to make another me, everything you’re getting, little hoe, is because of me.'

Even if the song was a collaboration with Cardi’s boyfriend, Offset (a member of Migos), fans still believed that this was a dig at her. Nicki eventually shot down this rumor.

In August, a comment from Cardi added fuel to the fire that a feud was brewing. 'You know, this b****, she never f***ing liked me,' she said onstage.



'And all of a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No b****.'

It was, naturally, speculated that she was talking about Nicki, but at the VMAs later that month, she addressed the drama.

'I don’t want problems with anybody,' she said. 'I just want to make music and make money.'

In other news,  Cardi B was just sued for $5 million by the man in her Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 1 mixtape cover. Kevin Brophy claimed that she used his image for her mixtape without asking her permission.

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