A New Application Reveals The Most Crazy In-Flight Requests From Celebrities!

A New Application Reveals The Most Crazy In-Flight Requests From Celebrities!
Source: EpochTimes.com

Celebrities have been known to be diva's both on and off set. Adele, in 2016, demanded the hotel staff drive 140 miles away to her favorite pizzeria at 11 p.m to bring back pizza to the hotel. Not only did the staff do it, but by the time they got back she was asleep and the pizza was never eaten anyway.

In 2009, Mariah Carey was once lowered onto a sofa by two producers so she wouldn't crease her dress!

According to ET! Canada; demands made by celebrities on their private jets are serious business.

Although some celebrities may fly coach, most A-listers travel by private jet. Not only do they ride in the sky in total extravagance, but they also make some of the most outlandish requests!

An application called JetSmarter - an on-demand private jet booking application like Uber for multi-millionaires - is used by stars like Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Jenny McCarthy, and Jamie Fox.

One of its main investors includes the infamous rapper Jay-Z, and it charges clients $10,000 year according to Time magazine. The company provides you with a private jet and it also caters to your request, no matter how peculiar!

Here is a list of the most outrageous requests from JetSmarter's celebrity clients:

  • Expert dog trainers were brought on one flight
  • An entire plane filled with white Casablanca lilies.
  • A client requested to fly from New York City to South Florida to pick up a cellphone.
  • Food tasters to make sure the client's food was exactly to their liking.
  • A client requesting to cover all of the windows so there is absolutely no light shining in.
  • Another person requested to stock the plane with Cool Ranch Doritos and Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry only.


Here is the most interesting one:

  • A couple took a flight to travel around the world and came back to the exact location where they started; like the way a regular person drives around the neighborhood for something to do.

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