A More Dramatic, Fictitious Account Of Pete Davidson's Life Will Be Presented In Bupkis

A More Dramatic, Fictitious Account Of Pete Davidson's Life Will Be Presented In Bupkis
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For Bupkis, a dramatised account of the former Saturday Night Live cast member's life, Joe Pesci has agreed to star. On Thursday, hosting streamer Peacock unveiled Pesci's participation and disclosed the actor will play Davidson's granddad in the show.

Edie Falco, who previously starred in Nurse Jackie, has been chosen as Davidon's mother, and Pesci, 79, also join the cast.

The series, which Davidson, 28, has written and executive produced, is set to star him. The series, as per Peacock, will be a "a more embellished, fictitious account of Pete Davidson 's actual life.

The show will blend realistic narrative with ludicrous aspects from Pete's unadulterated and wholly unique perspective, which is well-known.

As an executive producer, Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live, is also collaborating.

It is unknown which aspects of Davidson's life will be highlighted. The comedian frequently discusses and makes jokes about his background, especially the death of his father, firefighter Scott Davidson, on 9/11.

Along with being engaged to Ariana Grande, Davidson has been a part of other Hollywood unions, most recently dating Kim Kardashian. Unknown if Davidson's love life will be discussed on the episode.

Since announcing his resignation from SNL in May, Davidson has only worked on solo comedic projects, including Bupkis. Not all of the cast members left in 2022, including Davidson. During the season 47 finale, Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney, and Aidy Bryant all made their final appearances.

In a previous post, According to Wednesday's Deadline report, the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live performer would play a fictionalised version of himself in a new comedy series from SNL founder Lorne Michaels.

According to the site, Davidson's current television project, Bupkis, is "influenced by his life" and that the comedian is "primed and ready to play the lead in the project."

According to Deadline, the new comedy would be "a raw, uncompromising, fictionalised portrayal of Pete Davidson's real life." It will combine realistic storytelling with absurd components to show Pete's unvarnished perspective.

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