A Married Kristin Cavallari Received Backlash After Saying She Would Be A "Single Parent For The Next Five Months"

A Married Kristin Cavallari Received Backlash After Saying She Would Be A "Single Parent For The Next Five Months"

Single moms took issue with the very married Kristin Cavallari claiming that this time of year essentially makes her a "single parent" while her husband, football player, Jay Cutler, is in season. The couple has three children and Cutler has recently been traded to the Miami Dolphins.

The couple has decided to not move the entire family to Miami and will stay in their home in Nashville, Tennesse with their three kids, who are 5, 3 and 1. When Cavallari took to Facebook live to talk about her hubby's big move and her and the kids staying behind, she made a comment that caused a bit stir.

Cavallari explained their decision to stay put while Cutler goes. "We just moved there [Nashville], actually, a few months ago, full-time. And both my boys are in school. It doesn't make sense to pack up the family just for five months... so, I'm a single parent for the next five months."

That last part is what created such an uproar. Many different people took to her Instagram account and posted blog entries addressing the hasty comment.

Not only does someone like Cavallari have the support of those around her, such as hired help, family, and friends, but also the benefit of the million dollar income her husband receives.

The ex-reality star also comes from money so it's difficult to think that she can even conceptualize what actual single mothers, who don't have a specific amount of resources, struggle with to raise their children in less than stellar circumstances.

There is no doubt that it may be difficult for Cavallari when her husband isn't consistently home but that can't be equated to what actual single mothers have to go through.

There's nothing that is remotely the same about receiving full-time help and also having the benefit of money to lead a specific type of lifestyle. There are women who understand how much of a struggle that can be and continuously is for so many moms.

It was a thoughtless and silly comment to make yet the backlash she has received is still very valid. Some just happen to be out of touch with the different reality of so many.

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  • J bru
    J bru Sep 17, 2017 2:15 PM PDT

    She should come to my home for the next five months and I'll go to hers, then she can complain about being a single parent. I have 5 one is mentally ill. And I work full time and do the duties of a mom all day cuz kids always calling. Until she walks in a real woman/mom shoes, she should shut up!

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